Fabric of Hope, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to support orphans and widows. Primarily since inception, FOH has facilitated sponsorship and communication between donors in America to the children living at the House of Hope children’s homes in Satu Mare, Romania. We have official 501 (c)(3) status with the IRS and any donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Board members are Bonnie Faile, Sherman & Wanda Faile, and Larry & Judy Barnes. Bonnie, Larry, and Judy have each been to Romania many times and have watched the ministry of the House of Hope grow from a vision placed by God in the hearts of Dana and Mihai Micula to two homes with 25 children, growing and blossoming in a loving and permanent home environment.

Romania was a communist state until 1989.  The lingering effects of communism continues to be widespread poverty and children are often the innocent victims resulting in abandonment and becoming wards of the state.  Needs are profound as these children have had no medical, dental, emotional, or even nutritional care.  Many of the children have been abused both physically and emotionally, creating multiple lingering health problems and behavioral and social deficits.

At the House of Hope, we are breaking the cycle of neglect and hopelessness through love and acceptance of each child with a focus on God’s plan for them as a vital part of His kingdom here on earth.  Each child is a unique individual and their individual needs are met on a daily basis including education, sports, the arts, medical and dental needs, and a focus on Christ like living.  Dana and Mihai serve as loving parents not only to their own three children but to these 25 abandoned children.

It has been determined that it takes $400.00 per month per child to meet their basic needs of shelter, household staff, food, clothing, medical expenses, transportation, and educational costs.  The Romanian government regulates but does not financially contribute to the House of Hope.  The House of Hope is a non-profit foundation in Romania as well and is governed by a board in Romania.  The entire budget comes from donations of generous partners from around the globe who have learned of this ministry and the changes it is bringing to the lives of children who will now grow up to be productive adults.  All monies are used for the children and any additional funds above the monthly expenses are set aside for the children’s future educational needs.

100% of all donations given through The Fabric of Hope go directly to the support of orphans and widows and no administrative costs are deducted.

You can make a difference in the life of a child by becoming a monthly partner.  We need your help! Please contact us below for more information on the many different ways you can give – bank draft, check, credit card, etc!  No donation is too small.  A child giving one dollar a month out of their allowance is just as important as a millionaire giving thousands.  The best way to give is through ACH bank draft.

Sign up to have your donation automatically drafted from your account by downloading the form from the website and mailing it to the address at the top (FOH PO Box 747 Livingston, AL 35470).


[email protected]

Call Bonnie @ 205-292-3381 or Larry @ 334-654-7035 for more information.